Shea Butter Men Range 240ml

Shea Butter Men Range 240ml

Anti-Aging and Anti-Free Radical Agent Restores The Elasticity Of The Skin. Anti Wrinkle and reduces the appears of fine lines

•              Excellent all –in –one moisturizer for Men. Reduce Razor Irritation And Bump. Thinking of growing a beard ? It will help to manage and maintain a well-conditioned beard.


Shea Butter under Eyes appears to triggers the production of collagen so it tightens the skin and eliminates inflammations, which fights against puffiness and wrinkle while getting rich doses of vitamin A,E,& F

•              Help to Protect against UV Rays and Sunburn

•              Benefits for all skin types, all genders, and All Ages.  Whether you’ve got rough skin or gentle, sensitive skin, shea butter will work wonders

  • Product information

    An oil rich in fats that is derived from the karite tree also known as the shea tree is your solution for many skin conditions and healthy hair. Shea buttter can be used for ;

    • Mousturising Dry Skin
    • Anti Inflammatory
    • Treating Acne And Blemishes
    • Anti- Aging and Anti- Free Radical Agent
    • Relief For Itchy And Peeling Skin
    • Reduce Stretch Marks
    • Reduce Razor Irritation Or Bumps
    • Restoring Natural Elasticity Of Skin 
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